Policies of Refund

Global Refund Policy

We understand that purchases do not always go according to plan. If you regret it or accidentally make a purchase, you may be able to get a refund depending on the situation. We set out below some rules about what can and cannot be refunded and other related information.

What You Can and Cannot Refund

We will refund any unused in-game content purchased within the last 14 days, unless otherwise required by applicable law. If you are not sure whether your account is used or not, we have provided some guidance in “Frequently Asked Questions” below. Once the refund is made, the affected content will be removed from your account.

✓ Refundable

● Amount in Dollars ($) in the account that was purchased but not used.

✕ Not refundable

● Premium Game Currency (such as Diamonds) (“Game Currency”)

● Characters/Monsters

● Amount in Dollars ($) spent on any in-game package.

● Skins

● VIP Levels

● Account Transfers

● Promotional Items

● Event Passes (including Premium Battle Pass and Premium Battle Pass tiers)

● Earned Content

● Regular in-game currency (Gold)

Additional Rules on Real Money Refunds

You may have purchased our Game Currency or game content for real money. If you use real money to purchase (1) Game Currency without spending any such purchased Game Currency or (2) unused refundable content, you may request a refund from Player Support within the first 14 days of purchase, unless otherwise required. otherwise legally.

These real money refunds are subject to the following additional restrictions:

● Real money refunds will only be issued to the payment method you used to purchase the Game Currency. For example, if you paid with a credit card, the refund will be issued to the same credit card.

● We can only issue a refund if the payment method you used to purchase Game Currency or content has the ability to process refunds. For example, we may issue a refund for payments made via credit/debit card or PayPal, but not for gift cards, prepaid cards or PIX. If your payment method doesn't allow for refunds, don't worry - we'll still be able to refund your purchase for an appropriate amount of Game Currency.

● Separate refund rules apply if you made your purchase through a third-party platform (such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store). See below for details.

Third-Party Markets and Platforms

Some special rules apply if you made your purchase on a third-party marketplace/platform. Unfortunately, due to the nature of third-party markets, we are unable to provide such refunds. But there is still hope! These marketplaces/platforms may offer cash refunds for purchases made on their platforms under certain conditions. For example, the App Store and Google Play Store have created guides on how to request cash refunds for in-app purchases..

For Apple device purchases from the App Store, click here.

For Android device purchases from the Google Play Store, click here.

Please understand that if Apple and Google or any other third party market denies your refund, there is nothing more we can do.

GamesHyped return

In some limited cases, GamesHyped may decide at its own discretion to return completed purchases (a “GamesHyped Return”). For example, GamesHyped may decide to refund players for content purchased during that player's participation in the closed beta of a new game, or for content purchased where a bug has been identified. If we decide to issue a GamesHyped Return, refunds will be automatically made to all affected players.


In order to combat potential fraud, GamesHyped's policy on chargebacks is as follows, except as required by applicable law:

● Once a chargeback occurs against a GamesHyped account, that GamesHyped account will be suspended. Players may regain access to their account by contacting Player Support and refunding the amount owed.

● If a chargeback occurs in connection with a gift transaction (gift), both the account that sent the gift and the gifted account will be suspended.

● Fraud alerts and requests for information (ie the cardholder or card-issuing bank questioning the authenticity of the transaction) can be handled in the same way as chargebacks.

● If multiple chargebacks occur against the same GamesHyped account, GamesHyped has the right to permanently ban that account.

Please contact Player Support with any questions about.

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